Empowerment & Forgiveness Coaching
Empowerment & Forgiveness Coaching
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Empowerment & Forgiveness Coaching

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Finding freedom through forgiveness ...

We’ve all experienced pain, most of us several times.  
Some pains are easy to navigate, while others are harder to release.
No matter how much we try, we still carry around resentment, betrayal, & often anger. 
 We try to forget what happened but that person or event from out past still takes up space in the back of our minds, even when we aren't aware of it and when triggered, it can become very stressful to ourselves & those we love.  


Is it time to take back that space and reclaim your power? So many times in life, I’ve found the only way to truly find freedom from the past is through forgiveness.
Heck I wrote a book about it lol
I also know this is not the easiest thing to accomplish & I think it's because we don’t understand what forgiveness is.


So what is Forgiveness & What is it not?

Forgiveness is NOT:

 - Forgetting what happened  
 - Condoning what happened or allowing it to happen again
 - Reconciliation   
 - Letting someone off the hook  


Forgiveness is:

-Leaving the past in the past
-Allowing YOURSELF to move on with your life
-No longer dragging the past around with you   
-Forgiveness is for YOU … not them


Empowerment & Forgiveness is having power and control over our own lives & feeling respected and confident as we move through life. 


This life didn't come with an operators manual and we often need support as we navigate it. The problem is so many of us are scared to ask for help.
I was that person! I became a counsellor so I didn't have to go to one.
I sought out a coach to move forward in life.


The not-so-simple act of forgiveness is one of the most EMPOWERING things we can do for ourselves and the people we care for. 


It's amazing how forgiving something from out past, makes our present and future so much brighter.


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