Yoga with Cass

Yoga with Cass

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Come spend the morning with Cass & Rhonda enjoying the tranquility of the garden with a relaxing 45 minute yoga practice. 

You'll arrive about 15 mins early and find your perfect spot on the lawn to practice. Then we'll begin to slow down our minds & breathe and flow through a beginner vinyasa flow. This will be a practice focused on grounding yourself amongst your surroundings. Modifications for some poses will be available and explained if needed.

Once complete, you and the group will enjoy iced tea and meander through the flowers, picking your perfect blooms.  You can arrange them yourself, or have guidance, completely your choice. 

When:                                                                 What to bring:             
Sept 17th  10am - 1pm                                        Yoga mat
                                                                             Water bottle
Where:                                                                 Vessel for your flowers
1590900 257 Highway
5.5 miles west from junction of 83S & 257

Spots are limited so book early